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Curaprox CS 5460 Toothbrushes Ultra Soft Swiss SENSITIVE Gums (3 pack)

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Ultra soft toothbrushes by Curaprox are designed to be gentle on the gums whilst being efficient and tough on plaque. ldeal for sensitive gums and hard to access areas, the toothbrush head is loaded with 5,460 ultra soft filaments which is dense and effective cleaning surface. Cleans better than standard toothbruch, softer and will NOT hurt your gums.

Gums love this toothbrush thanks to its 5,460 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter. The bristles are made of CUREN® and, even when they are wet, they retain their superior original firmness. This allows the use of much finer filaments for gentle, deep brushing. With its small, compact head, the CURAPROX Sensitive cleans more intensively and more gently. However you brush with the CURAPROX CS, your tongue will notice the difference at once: your teeth will feel smooth and clean and naturally appear whiter.

  • Pack of 3 ultra soft Curaprox toothbrushes (colours vary and are random)
  • Compact, slightly angled head for efficient cleaning of difficult areas
  • Octagonal ergodynamic handle helps users brush at the correct angle
  • Gentle action yet tough on plaque. Your gums will love this brush
  • Efficient and effective cleaning of inaccessible areas such as braces, implants etc.

Curaprox Toothbrushes 5460

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

These toothbrushes work very well. I've used them for about 2 months now and they're very soft and nice. I recommend buying it.

5 stars

I love it. Those toothbrushes are very soft and nice. My children and I are using it for about an month now and we love it. Recommend it.