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2x Skrzypovita Biotyna Complex 42cp + 7 Elixir Oils Hair Mask 50ml 1.69fl oz

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Skrzypovita is a natural treatment which strengthens hair bulbs and counteracts hair loss, improves the structure of nails and protects them from breaking and helps maintain healthy, radiant and beautiful skin.

Skrzypovita BIOTYNA Complex contains a high dose of biotin and vitamins A, B2, B6, B1 and B5. This combination of vitamins makes BIOTYNA has a higher bioavailability.

1 tablet conteins:
  • Vitamin C - 60mg
  • Kwas pantotenowy - 6mg 
  • Vitamin B6 - 2mg 
  • Ryboflawina - 1,6mg 
  • Tiamina - 1,4mg 
  • Vitamin A - 800 mikrogram 
  • Biotyna - 350 mikrogram 
  • Cynk - 7,5mg 
  • Ekstrakt ze skrzypu polnego - 50mg 
  • Ekstrakt z ziela pokrzywy - 20mg 
  • PABA - 20mg 
  • L-metionina - 10mg 

Take only 1 capsule daily.

7 Elixir Oils Hair Mask 50ml

Complex 7 oils (coconut, avocado, argan, macadamia, olive, sunflower and linseed) smoothes and nourishes the hair, it is responsible for their intensive protection and repair dry and damaged ends, while not burdening the hair. The potion that makes hair strengthened and full of light and silky to the touch.


Customer Reviews

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5 stars

i really like this product because it’s not only helping my hair but also my skin and nails! i think this is very nice and it works very well!

5 stars

My nails dont break as much as they used to and my skin got a lot healthier.