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I loved the product as an European I grow up using them iwanted to order more but the shipping was close to a month to receive also on you website some items are sold out . Is there a number that I can call to speack to a rep regarding my questions ? That would be great, thank you
Nadia the happy Belgian

Product is good, watch out for card hackers

This item came directly from Turkey, internaitonal mail.
During the shipment period, I also got a credit card hack for $45.

The tea is wonsdful. Make sure your card is not hacked by Turkish hackers.

Nice work!

The tea is great, and I might buy from this place again. The main negative is that the first credit card charge went to Poland and was refused by my credit union. Then the charge was made in California, but by then my credit union had shut down my card. I spent more than an hour on the phone getting this sorted out as my life was ticking away. You need to set up your systems so you don't trigger customer's banks to clamp down on credit cards in foreign countries.

The other problem is that the tea apparently came from Poland, and it took forever to get here. It actually got to the US (~3 weeks) faster than it made it the rest of the way to my house. Perhaps it was transported by bicycle courier? I can't imagine how something could take so long to get across the US in 2018. It's a good thing I already had a supply in the cupboard.

The frequent shipping progress notes were helpful, although they did not explain where the tea was or why it was taking so long.

But the tea is good stuff.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Tinted Dry Touch Gel Cream SPF50+ 50ml 1.7fl oz
The Best

Excellent product. Highly recommend.

Love this herb!

I discovered this amazing herb while doing research for digestive issues and chronic fatigue. Happy to repost this stuff works. It even treats Lyme biofilm if stevia leaf is added to the tea. It definitely lifts the immune system. I will always keep some on hand, and this brand is organic.

Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Lotion Fluid Calming Relief 200ml 6.76fl oz
Great product!

I was desperate looking for a itchy body lotion because my baby got a horrible rash all over his body, so consult a doctor in Mexico and he prescribed this body lotion, at first I didn't see the improvement but every day using it morning and night I started seeing a big difference... this a great product, expensive though but worth it.

Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic Daily Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream Very Dry Sensitive Skin 100ml 3.34oz
Very Happy

The product arrived safely and I am very happy with it and your service.


I bought this collar for my cat two months ago. It works great. Fleas are under control. I

2x Skrzypovita Biotyna Complex Horsetail Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails PRO-HAIR formula 42cp
Great Product!

I love these vitamins! Keeps my hair healthy and strong!

Not good

Way too greasy and not smooth.

Cistus Incanus Tea

Arrived yesterday. Made 2 pots, added very little sugar & put in gal. jug to chill. Tasted fine warm and fine chilled, in fact I like it. Mixed some with dogs food & cats food. Both ate it no problem. Hoping to keep ticks off us all & if it rejuvenates me that will be an added plus. Very pleased with purchase & this company. This tea will part of daily diet.


So far it seems to be working well for 2 of my small dogs.

Bio Czystek tea

I received the tea about 6 weeks ago and am very pleased. The tea has a wonderful mild flavor and is well recommended for its healthful qualities

REVALID Revitalizing Protein Conditioner Hair Loss Treatment 250ml 8.5fl oz



So happy with the purchase of these 2 bags. Arrived super fast and I love the tea. It has a very good taste and so far has been helping me a lot for controlling my Uric Acid at normal levels!


So very pleased with this Alcaline Herbal Mix for Deacidification purposes. It tastes great and it works! Did order two bags and it arrived very fast. Excellent source and I will come back for more.

Good stuff

Product seemed on the stemy side but if it works I will definitely reorder. Thanks for being prompt in shipping.

The Best

Can't beet the price and it always arrives within a week- Poland to California


I never received my order

Foresto did not work, fleas found under the collar!

According to Bayer, in the U.S. They don't support Foresto, only the Saresto brand in the U.S. Bayer Animal Health Department said this on the phone. FYI JIC

Amazing product

We have 5 animals 3 have extreme allergies to fleas. I have tried everything nothing helped them until I stumbled on Soresto. My animals have complete relief for 8 months then we replace. Forests is the same thing. Yes it is expensive but if you tally it up it’s less expensive in the long run. How much do you pay for your meds that have to be administered once a month? Do yourself and your animals a favor!

THANK You!! :)

Best flea collars I've ever used! Worth the price! AND arrived Quickly. THANK You!!! :)