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Very good quality

Maybe a bit to long. But at least you can cut it to size

Me and my body

I like it very much ... color, flavor, smell... Great product!

I am glad

My dog looks happy than I am happy:- ) I am going to buy it every season.

My hair and nails

Quite good medicine for hair and nails. I recommend! I've tested it.

so real

Nice guy! Looks so real;- ) I like it!

different opinion

In opinion they made better steel. We can use steel stuff and don't worry about our health. This is very comfortable tea infuser - you don't have to use both hands to grab herbs:- )


Capsules are good for lazy and in hurry people (eg. men). I prefer and recommend a leaves of course. I hope leaves better work.


My and my wife drink hibiscus tea every day. We recommend!


I used to use this herb a couple months. I haven't seen any results (bad too:- )


I prefer different smells. But this salt general help my body...


I like Regenerum line. I use it very often. I am not sure if not too long. I guess I have itchiness head skin if too long.


with shampoo great product! I recommend it! You need spend a lot of time to use both but it's worth if you have hair problems.


I always bay second Physiogel before I finish the first. I cant imagine day without THIS great product!


Good toothpaste:- ) for not low price:- (

great shampoo

I use to use this shampoo when I was very seek. One of the consequence my illness ware lose my hair and many blotchs on my body. I discovered that time, when I wash my hair Seboradin shampoo my blotch's hands ware going feel and look better:- ) not even hair (skin of my head) got well :- )

Blue box

I like this cream very much! Very nice box:- ) BUT not price:- ( Make some clearance:- )

A little man

This little man is great! Looks like happy and sluggish... Good as gift for tea drinker;- ) But you should put a china infusers in your offer.

In my opinion

In my opinion a steel is worse with food contact than a china. I prefer china. But in use this kind of infuser is very comfortable.


It looks cute and fun. Good idea for gift BUT I prefer a porcelain (china) infusers.


I was surprised when I read that Dexeryl contains parabens... :- (

Feeling ripped off

Got foresto instead of Seresto and can't read a word on the package. I'm afraid it might have different ingredients and may even be counterfeit. All this just to save $6. Next time I'll stick with my usual seller.

flea collars - Foresto vs Seresto 1st order Feb 15, 2017

These are the same as US flea collar at much better value. I did not have an issue with shipment of the collar packages I ordered, but had a question about another shipment and was immediately answered when I sent an email inquiry. So I don't know what the person that insisted the seller doesn't answer is talking about. My shipments have always arrived well packed and I am a very happy customer! I love the tracking updates so I know when to look for the package to be on my porch too!


I love this cream! It ships pretty quickly and packed so well. The value cannot be matched. Reliable and always good quality. I went from a leary 1st time customer over a year ago to multiple purchases with confidence now. Thank you for the products and great values you offer!

my boys

Wish they work for 12 months.... but happy with the months they cover.... except the last month seems really weak...have to charge at 7 month.

Love the product...but

The pump on the container was badly damaged. Luckily, I hadn’t thrown the old one out.

5 stars

this milk makes my skin very soft and moisturized! i enjoy using it and i recommend it for everyone

5 stars

I bought a few of these recently and they work very well! my nails are much stronger and longer. i’m definitely buying more in the future

5 stars

my hair used to be very oily but this shampoo made it 100x better! i will buy more in the future and i recommend it

5 stars

i started using this shampoo about a month ago and i can already see the difference. it got delivere to my house fast and without any problems


i’ve tried a few of these thing before and none of them worked as well as this one. i will definitely buy more in the future

5 stars

i think this is a very nice Tea Herb Infuser Strainer! it has a very cool shape and it works great

5 stars

my skin really this type of product! no other milk worked with my skin this well so this one did a great job! i recommend it to everyone!


I’ve used this cream a few times already and it amazing! it makes my skin very soft and smooth! i love it

5 stars

This helped my skin with reducing all of the redness and it also made my skin much more moisturized and soft

5 stars

I travel to a lot of hot places and i really need a good sunscreen! I’ve tested a lot of them but this one seems to work the best. I recommend it

Lipikar Lait Body Milk is the Best!!!

I been using this daily for 3 months after shower on my 3 yr old daughter who suffers eczema and it has help get rid of her eczema and her skin is now smooth like silk. This by far is the best and worth every dollar you will spend buying it. I highly recommend this to all the mothers who have kids who suffer eczema.

Great product

This product works great once you know they do not have a reaction to them they are brilliant and save you loads of money

5 stars

I think this silicone tea herb infuser is a great thing because it works very well! i use it everyday in the morning and the afternoon. i rlly like it

Thank you

Fast delivery, good product. This shampoo is amazing!

5 stars

i have been using this cream for about a month now and it is just amazing! it keeps my skin very moisturized and it makes it feel really soft and smooth. i recommend it for everyone with dry skin problems!


i really like this sun screen because it gives an ultra dry finish and it doesn’t leave any white marks! also it helps my skin stay hydrated without getting it sunburnt

5 stars

i’ve tried a few different self tanning products and non of them seem to work as well as this one does! it gives a very natural look to my skin and it is very moisturizing

5 stars

i’ve been using this toothpaste for about 2 weeks now and i can already see the differnce ! it makes my teeth a lot whiter and it has a nice taste to it


i’m using this product at least twice everyday. it is very easy to use and it works great!


Cistus Incanus Tea 100% Bio Organique Herbs, BIO Certified Czystek, (Rock Rose) 250g 8.8oz

5 stars

i’ve been using this toothpaste only for a few weeks but i can already see the difference! i really like using it and i recommend it for everyone.

perfect detox tea

My wife drinks this tea every day and she says its it exactly what she expected

it works

I bought it for my dad, it really works! Thank you.