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2x REVALID Anti Hair Loss and Nail Growth Treatment 90 capsules (180 capsules)

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REVALID is a biologically-active product developed in Switzerland to reconstitute hair and nails, providing essential substances required to activate metabolism and thus promote the growth of hair and nails. It is also useful when hair and nail growth are impaired by physical or chemical trauma.
REVALID contains a specific formulation of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed to promote and maintain healthy hair.
REVALID can also be used successfully to treat structurally damaged hair. It strengthens hair's natural resistance to damaging external factors and improves its elasticity and appearance.

Therapeutic indications:
  • Hair loss (alopecia) of various origins, among others: diffuse alopecia, seborrhoeic alopecia, alopecia following illness or pregnancy, alopecia due to medicaments or to hormonal causes.
  • Hair loss and hair growth disorders of unknown origin.
  • Deterioration of hair structure (split hair, brittle and dull, lifeless hair).
  • Nail growth disorders and nutritive disorders of the nails (dystrophy).
How to use:
Take 1 capsule three times a day, before or during a meal. For best results, a treatment duration of at least 3 months is recommended.

1 capsule contains: 100 mg of methionine, cysteine 50 mg, 50 mg calcium pantothenate, 1.5 mg tiaminhidrohlorid (vitamin B1) 10 mg piridoksinhidrohlorid (vitamin B6), 20 mg of parabens, 50 mg millet extract, 50 mg of extract Wheat germ, brewer's yeast 50 mg, 2 mg iron, zinc and 2 mg copper 0.5 mg;
Help substane: colorant (E104), colloidal anhydrous silica, gelatin

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My hair grows a lot faster and stronger and my nails dont break as much as they used to,