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Japanese Loose Leaf Sencha Green Tea Organic (2x250g) 500g 17.6 oz

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The original Japanese Sencha is a crown jewel among all green teas. Its distinctive, grassy and herbal scent is known to every tea gourmet. Ready brew has greenish color with a touch of golden highlights. Its flavour is very delicate, vegetal and velvet. This traditional Japanese tea is one of the symbols of the rich culture of Japan.

  • reduce cholesterol as well as LDL-cholesterol,
  • helps against formation of cancer
  • helps prevent heart disease
  • makes your complexion acne-free, healthier
  • retards the aging process
  • calms your digestion
How to use:
According to the traditional ritual, Sencha is prepared in white porcelain cups. It is recommended to infuse Sencha in freshly-biled water which has about 75°C to 80°C. No more than one spoonfull of tea leaves per one sup should be used. The Japanese brew Sencha no longer than 30 to 60 seconds. To achieve the fullness of its flavour and aroma, we recommend to infuse the brew even up to 4 minutes. The same tea leaves might be used even twice or three times. We recommend serving the brew especially after hearty meals, due to its ability to reduce digestive problems.

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Very good tea

Very good tea. Everything went perfect. I would recommend this provider without doubt. Thank you