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Revalid, Be proud of your hair – be proud of yourself

Posted on August 10 2017

Are you suffering from hair loss? Where a diagnosis of hair loss has been made, a Revalid® capsule treatment course will support the body’s processes for maintaining healthy hair. Hair loss can be reduced and the structure of brittle, split and dull hair can be improved.


  • Revalid® capsules are produced in Switzerland to a special formula comprising active ingredients and vitamins, minerals as well as trace elements and will assist the formation of keratin.
  • Hair growth and elasticity are promoted and the inside of the hair root is supplied with essential nutrients.
  • The Revalid® capsule is an over-the-counter drug for the medical treatment of hair loss.
  • A single capsule is taken three times a day during or after meals with sufficient fluid over the course of three months.

Revalid - Hair loss

Why is keratin so important?
Chemically, hair consists of 90% keratin, a particularly strong protein compound that contains a high percentage of the active substances cystine and methionine. Keratins (fibrous proteins) make up the structure of each individual hair, making the formation of hair possible. They lend hair the necessary moisture, tone and elasticity and offer protection against sunshine, cold and heat.


  • Hair loss (alopecia) of various origins, among others: diffuse alopecia, seborrhoeic alopecia, alopecia following illness or pregnancy, alopecia due to medicaments or to hormonal causes.
  • Hair loss and hair growth disorders of unknown origin.
  • Deterioration of hair structure (split hair, brittle and dull, lifeless hair).
  • Nail growth disorders and nutritive disorders of the nails (dystrophy).
  • For male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) and alopecia arreata, the effect of Revalid® is limited to the strengthening of the remaining hair.
  • Supportive treatment in the sulphuric aminoacid or vitamines deficiency connected with hair and nail diseases.

Recommended dose:
Taking capsules regularly during or after meals over the long term is crucial for the medical treatment of hair loss. For best results, a treatment duration of at least 3 months is recommended.