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ELMEX Sensitive Professional Toothpaste 3x75ml (3 Pack). You won't regret it.

Posted on September 12 2016

Instant and lasting pain relief in case of sensitive teeth. Elmex SENSITIVE PROFESSIONAL toothpaste contains the PRO-ARGIN Formula, which is also used in the dental office to provide instant sensitivity relief. It works by plugging and sealing the channels that lead to sensitive tooth nerves. With regular use, it builds a protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity and remains intact even after exposure to acids.

Due to its special surface activity, the amine fluoride also forms a firmly adhering, homogeneous protective layer on all tooth surfaces. In this way, elmex CARIES PROTECTION toothpaste offers optimum long-term protection and even remineralizes caries at the early stages of formation beneath the tooth surface.

Recommended for sensitive teeth and gums

1450 ppm fluoride (natriummonofluorphosphate)